A small brand agency with big ideas

Why Storytegic

In between consultancies and agencies lies a sweet spot: Storytegic.


We combine the rigorousness of traditional management consultancy with the creative thinking and desire to execute the most impactful initiatives.


We have an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for improving business performance sustainably. Brand thinking is at our core and customer and employee experience is our focus. This, more than ever, is crucial for business success.

Your brand is a driver of shareholder value and therefore its place is as a lens through which all your business decisions should be made. 

The identity of your organisation is woven through every single aspect of your business from logistics through to HR and financing decisions and of course marketing, too. 


Name any company you admire...

and almost always the brand will be at the heart of the business: Apple, Tesla, Lego, Burberry to name but a few.


Failing to be responsive...

and adaptable to the ever-changing environment can lead to monumental failures like Nokia, Kodak and Woolworths who lost their brand focus somewhere along the way.


Our approach enables you to stay relevant and valuable to your audience. We will put your brand front and centre of your business strategy, uncovering the most cost effective initiatives, which will make the most difference to your business. 


We are also the right partner to help you shift towards more sustainable practices by creating innovative concepts, driving long term profitable growth. 


Significant outperformers. 

A study published in 2011 by Harvard Business School in partnership with London Business School provided evidence that ‘high sustainability companies’ significantly outperform their counterparts over the long-term, both in terms of stock markets as well as accounting performance. 


Our capabilities

Brand strategy • Business strategy • Brand architecture • Product/service strategy • Media strategy • Marketing strategy • Employee engagement and training • Visual identity • Tone of voice • Digital strategy • Brand implementation • Naming 


Use your brand to drive business performance. Contact us today.