We want to change the world. Or at least a little part of it.

This is the driving force behind everything we do. Let us help your brand to be the positive change in the world.


 Are you going against the predictable to pursue your own dream? To stand out? To be unique?


Is your brand radically different? Your story is your business' single most important strategic tool! Your story tells the world why your brand came into being and what the world would be missing if your brand weren't here.

We at Storytegic are passionate storytellers and brand strategists. Designers. Wordsmiths. Dreamers. Doers. Yes, dreamers and doers. We write, we design, we lead workshops, we design and run conferences and meetings, we create and run social media campaigns...and help you live your brand in every imaginable way.

The most energetic, kind, strategic, effective, capable, diligent and thoughtful!
— Madhav Chinnappa, Head of Strategic Relations, Google
[Storytegic] has a magic when working with teams, from Board level down.
— Michele Grant, former BBC News Executive
Amy Selwyn best embodies “inspirational leadership.
— Gulshan Verman, Chief Revenue Officer, The Times of India
Storytegic is brilliant. Just. Simply. Brilliant.
— Laurie Bley, Director of the Media Fellows Program, Duke University

We have a true passion for brands.


Based in the United States and The Netherlands, we, Amy Selwyn and Cornelis Jacobs, help you live your brand in creative and meaningful ways. In your content, on the web, on social media, through events. We have particular expertise with media organizations, and we work with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups. Our latest team member is Arrow. He sleeps most of the day but he enjoys sticks, belly rubs, and patrolling the office.


We wanna help you rock the galaxy. Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

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